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Kostromaenergo’s representative won the regional competition for trophy-orienteering


Alexander Kuchin, a leading specialist of the capital construction office of IDGC of Centre – Kostromaenergo division, won the competition for the trophy-orienteering "JEEP POKER 2016", organized by the Kostroma off-road tourism club "44WD Kostroma". The power engineer excelled in the "cycling" nomination.

Trophy orienteering is a very difficult technical sport. Participants have the task on time to overcome the route, which runs on the off-road, identifying the location of set points with the help of maps, a compass or a GPS device. "JEEP POKER" is a type of trophy-orienteering. According to the rules, participants, having the geographic coordinates, should pass the check points, where they can find cards of different denominations. Total 54 points – by the number of playing cards. The winner is the one who has more points and collected cards with more value.

Alexander Kuchin has been doing cycling for a long time, but in such competitions he participated for the first time - and immediately won, and convincingly. Having collected 22 cards for 9 hours of travel, he secured a three-fold superiority on points over the closest rival. "The most difficult part in the competition was the movement on the off-road, - says Alexander, - the route through which I had to go was not intended for cycling. Often I had to walk and cross the obstacles in the form of fallen trees. On one of the checkpoints I had to force the barrier to the waist in the water with the bike atilt, and on another - in the mud. I think that perseverance helped me win."

One of the main priorities of social work of IDGC of Centre – Kostromaenergo division is to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees. Every year there are events against smoking, family games, lessons in swimming, volleyball and other sports. Kostromaenergo’s employees adequately represent their company at the annual Games of IDGC of Centre. So, this year the company’s team took third place there.

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