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Students’ construction crews completed work at power facilities of "Lipetskenergo"


During six weeks students under the guidance of experienced mentors worked at power facilities of IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division, getting practical skills of work to repair electrical equipment, maintenance of 0.4 kV networks, replacement of metering devices, fault location on lines, as well as preparation of data for new connections.

Before starting work, members of the students’ construction crews listened to lectures on safety and use of personal protective equipment. They passed briefings, mastered the basic techniques of resuscitation of a victim with electric shock, worked out practical skills of first aid.

An important part of the labour activity of the members of the students’ construction crews was a visit to the largest power facilities of the branch of "Lipetskenergo", such as the 110 kV Substation "Bugor" and 110 kV "Manezhnaya". During the excursion program, the students learned about the work of the power substation equipment and the automated process control system, which allows to "online" control substations and operation of all electrical equipment. The future power engineers also gained an understanding of the technical policy of the company, aimed at ensuring stable operation of electric grid facilities of the region.

Traditionally the members of the students’ construction crews visited the professional skills competitions that are held in "Lipetskenergo" annually. This year, for the right to be called the best in their profession electricians of the department of metering and optimization of losses competed for the first time. The members of the students’ construction crews saw the power engineers’ knowledge of existing rules, regulations and standards on the PC checked, extinguish fires on the equipment, perform an instrumental three-phase testing of metering devices with direct connection and replacement of single-phase metering devices, provide first aid to a victim by the CPR on a dummy simulator.

"To be in real production environment, take part in the daily work of power engineers - for me it was a test of strength. Never before that I ever worked all day in the heat, under the scorching sun. But work is work, and it disciplines very much. Especially when you see around these real professionals being responsible and caring for results of their work," shares his impressions a 2-year student of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science of Lipetsk State Technical University Sergey Frolov.

At the close of the labour season of the students’ construction crews experts of "Lipetskenergo" summed up the summer work shift and gave the students work record books. For the majority of the future power engineers the work at Lipetskenergo became the first professional experience.

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