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Power engineers reminded children of the electrical safety rules


Power engineers of Dobrovsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division held a master class on prevention of children’s electric injuries. The event took place on the site of the summer camp "Birch" in Dobrovsky district.

Electrical safety lessons are held regularly by Lipetsk power engineers. During the school year classes are held in a form of electrical safety lessons in the region’s schools, and in the summer during informative meetings with children resting in summer camps.

In the summer camp "Birch" Dobrovsky experts reminded children the basic rules of electrical safety at home and in the street, as well as explained the meaning of these or other warning signs located at facilities. The children did not hide their interest and asked a lot of questions. The children learned easily that it is strictly prohibited to play on the territory of power facilities, and the fact that you must not simultaneously insert the cord from the appliance into the wall socket and hold on to a metal object caused considerable surprise.

In addition, the power engineers showed how to provide first aid to a victim with electric shock. An indispensable tool in this case was the dummy - simulator "Gosha-M." After a detailed briefing, everyone could try his or her hand at resuscitation of "Gosha". Finally, the Dobrovsky power engineers left to the children visual materials that in a game format will help consolidate the skills that will be useful in everyday life.

"Prevention of children’s electric injuries always occupied a leading position in the list of tasks facing Lipetskenergo. We are aware of our responsibility on the safety issue, because children often do not realize how dangerous playing with electricity can be. We try to inform not only children but also teachers, parents as the protection of children - it is our common task," commented Deputy Chief Engineer - Head of the production safety management and industrial control office of "Lipetskenergo" Maxim Yashin.

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