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About 1,200 employees of "Kurskenergo" were trained in the first half of this year


IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division reviewed the results of the training of personnel for the six months of this year. In the reporting period about 1,200 employees of the branch had training and professional development.

At the training centre for operating personnel of "Kurskenergo" 500 employees of the branch raised their qualification, including electricians of first responding mobile crews, electricians for repair and maintenance of distribution networks, specialists in repair of equipment, relay protection and automation.

From January to July 307 employees were retrained on the site of "Kursk regional centre for training and retraining of personnel of utilities" and "Training and methodical office" of Rostekhnadzor (Moscow).

25 drivers of the mechanization and transport service of the branch improved their skills on the road safety program, 9 specialists of the administrative and housing department were trained to save energy for heating buildings and structures.

In addition, 239 people studied techniques of first aid in case of accidents in the production with working out skills on a dummy, 70 employees learned fire safety at power facilities, another 35 workers were trained and certified for the right to perform work at a height.

"Modernization of technological processes, the complexity of production tasks employees facing, training of personnel to move to professional standards and other factors lead to the need for systematic and continuous training of our personnel," stresses the head of the HR department of IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division Lyudmila Mokrousova. "Therefore, until the end of the year more than 900 employees of the branch will complete their training too."

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