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Smolenskenergo started checking the progress of preparation for the autumn-winter operation period of 2016-2017

IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division continues preparation for the autumn-winter operation period. Since mid-July 2016 it has begun conducting preliminary checks on the first stage of readiness of structural subdivisions of the branch to operate during the period of cold weather. The assessment of the progress in preparation for the autumn-winter period will be completed by the end of August, after which it will ensure the elimination of identified deficiencies in the work of structural units in the first stage.

The composition of the Commission to check the readiness of the branch to operate through the upcoming 2016-2017 autumn-winter period years was approved by the order, which is issued on the basis of the analysis of the work of Smolenskenergo in the previous autumn and winter periods.

During the work the Commission will assess the completeness and quality of the repair of equipment in accordance with the previously approved plans, the execution of acts, regulations of supervisors and technical inspection schedules, diagnostics and testing of electric equipment, the state of labour protection and safety in the units, the provision of staff with protective clothing, necessary tools, individual protection and communication equipment, conducting scheduled emergency trainings of personnel to prevent emergencies.

The check of the Commission is preceded by thorough work of power engineers, who traditionally start thorough preparation of electric grid facilities in the region for the upcoming season of cold weather already in the spring. So, for the first half of 2016 IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division in preparation for the upcoming autumn-winter peak loads overhauled 12.5 km of power lines of 110 kV, 251.7 km of power lines of 35 kV, 974.1 km of power lines of 0.4-10 kV, and 393 transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV. About 615.3 hectares of ROWs along lines were cleared from trees and shrubs, which in bad weather can cause an interruption. Expansion of ROWs was made in the amount of 243.0 hectares. Comprehensive overhaul was completed at 10 substations of 35-110 kV.

The aim of the preparatory activities is to receive the most important for the power company document - the Certificate of readiness for the autumn-winter operation period - in a timely manner and further trouble-free operation of the branch in the winter.

Monitoring the progress of preparation of Smolenskenergo for the autumn-winter operation period is carried out in accordance with the "Regulation on the check of readiness of electric power entities for the autumn-winter operation period", approved by the Government Commission of the Russian Federation.

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