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Smolensk power engineers for safe holidays


Specialists of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division in June and July held 15 sessions on electrical safety for children. During the summer period the power engineers select for classes places of organized recreation of children and adolescents, in the first place - suburban summer camps and school playgrounds. During the past two months the power engineers attended the summer camps "Change", "Salyut", "Young Leninist", "Borok", "Goloevka", "Falcon Mountain", "Small Pond", "Eaglet" and several schoolyards.

During the classes the safety specialists tell children about how to behave around electrical installations, how to act when there is a risk of electric shock, how to act in unusual situations.

"During the summer holidays, when children and adolescents are often not supervised by adults the theme of injury prevention at power facilities becomes particularly relevant. With this in mind, the experts of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division annually organize for children vacationing in recreational summer camps of the region a series of training sessions on safety precautions and safe handling of electricity," said Deputy Chief Engineer - Head of production safety and industrial control of the branch Vasily Gipich.

In total, during the holidays the power engineers planned to hold in summer camps 16 lessons, but already several events have been held over the plan at the request of the leaders of health camps. Over the summer the power engineers’ classes will be visited by a thousand and a half children aged from 7 to 15.

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