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Voronezhenergo continues to strengthen anti-terrorist protection of electric grid facilities


IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division continues to implement measures to enhance anti-terrorist protection of electric grid facilities. To improve practical skills of managers and staff of Distribution Zones for actions in the event of a terrorist threat at repair and production facilities of the company in different districts of the region there were six anti-terrorist trainings organized in the first half of the year. Along with employees of Voronezhenergo they were attended by representatives of regional departments of the Ministry of Interior of Russia and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Voronezh region and medical staff of central district hospitals.

According to the scenario training, Voronezhenergo’s operators received messages from unknown persons that on the territory of repair and production facilities there were explosive devices planted. Power engineers carried out the evacuation of facility personnel, called special forces of the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry and medical crews of district hospitals. Interior Ministry officials upon arrival cordoned off the premises, and then were engaged in the detection and localization of places where dummy explosive devices were planted. EMERCOM representatives worked out actions to extinguish simulated fires at power facilities. Simulated victims were provided with the first medical aid during the activities.

"During the trainings staff of Distribution Zones had the opportunity to practice the knowledge gained during the anti-terrorism briefings and classes conducted by experts of the security unit. They also successfully worked out the order of operative interaction of territorial production business units with local authorities on the exchange of information, responding to messages about the threat of a terrorist attack," stressed the deputy head of the security department of "Voronezhenergo" Andrey Avilov. Total for 2016 Voronezhenergo plans to hold more than 12 anti-terrorist trainings.

In order to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply Voronezhenergo’s experts address to the public with a request to be vigilant. Please, be report any suspicious activity near grid facilities (power lines, substations) to the police immediately, as well as via the around the clock straight line of the power company at 8 800-50-50-115.

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