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Employees of Orelenergo held an electrical safety class in the children’s health camp "Breeze"


Power engineers of IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division together with representatives of units of EMERCOM of Russia in the Orel region held an electrical safety class in the children’s health summer camp "Breeze". It was attended by about one hundred and twenty children in the camp.

Experts of Orelenergo told the children about the basic rules of electrical safety, explained why games near power lines and transformer substations are deadly, demonstrated and explained the importance of warning signs, which are set at power facilities.

The children watched cartoons on the theme of the class and received topical memos. To help the participants of the lesson better understand the work of electricians, the experts of Orelenergo demonstrated their equipment: protective helmets, thermal resistant suits, insulating gloves and boots, and allowed to try them all. Then the children had a ride in an electric vehicle of IDGC of Centre.

Representatives of the regional Emergency Situations Ministry - employees of the state inspectorate for small boats, dog handlers and firefighters - told the participants of the lesson on what safety measures to be applied in a variety of emergency situations related to their fields of activity.

Representatives of Orelenergo and the regional EMERCOM of Russia conduct these classes on a regular basis, in the framework of the joint project "Safety Days", which aims to prevent children’s injuries. In recent weeks similar events have taken place in the children’s recreation camps "Dream" and "Orlovchanka" and in the rehabilitation centre for minors "Azimuth". Until the end of the year the power company and emergency workers will hold another 76 "Safety Days" in the pre-school and secondary education institutions.

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