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Kurskenergo’s experts teach children the safe handling of electricity


Specialists of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division continue holding in schools and children’s summer camps of the Kursk region lessons on electrical safety. Another such event took place in the sports and fitness centre named after Valentina Tereshkova, it was attended by 50 children aged 9 to 12.

During the session the presenters - a specialist of the industrial control and safety office Anatoly Boiko and a leading expert of the point of training of operating personnel of Kurskenergo Elena Rusanova paid special attention to safety during the summer holidays and the rules of behaviour near power facilities. They told the children why it is dangerous to approach transformer substations and climb poles of power lines, roofs or garages, where there are electrical wires.

Participants of the lesson learned how to act, if an electric wire is broken and how to get out of the expected danger zone without harm to health. With a dummy-simulator "Gosha" the power engineers showed them first aid actions to the victim with electric shock. To consolidate the information received the children were given memos and posters with the rules on electrical safety.

After the lesson the participants actively exchanged impressions, showing that they learned the material well. "A kettle and an iron must be always taken by the handle, and with dry hands and removed out of the socket with the plug," shares the new knowledge a ten-year girl Vasilisa Krutikova. "If you see a broken wire, then it must not be approached, and you need to call adults," continues Egor Mosolov. "A sign with a lightning bolt indicates danger, we must not approach it."

"During school holidays, children are not always under adult supervision, which means that the risk of their injury with electric shock increases, so we carry out preventive work and during this time," says the head of the industrial safety and production control office of "Kurskenergo" Victor Sokolov. "We hope that these meetings will help continue to avoid accidents." By the end of the year the power company plans to conduct another 20 lessons on electrical safety in different parts of the Kursk region, about 1,000 children will take part in them.

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