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Smolenskenergo determined the best operational and maintenance crew of electricity distribution grids


At the training centre "Lubnya" in June the professional skills Competitions of operational and maintenance personnel of distribution electric grids of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division were held. This traditional event is aimed at improving the professionalism of staff of the branch, checking their knowledge and skills, competence and safe conduct of work at power facilities.

Previously, in April - May, qualifying rounds among crews of the southern, western, central, eastern zones, as well as among crews of Smolensk City Distribution Zone were held. The winners of the preliminary stages in the districts came to represent their units in Smolensk. The panel of judges was headed by First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division Nikolay Kireenko.

The competitions consisted of five stages. At the first stage with the help of software package the qualification test of theoretical knowledge passed. All members of the crew individually had to answer test cards on the proposed questions.

In the second phase, the teams had to demonstrate the procedure and correct sequence of actions during provision of first aid to the victim with electric shock on the pole without the use of specialized equipment, as well as providing first aid to the victim on a simulator.

In the third stage the crew had to replace an intermediate reinforced concrete pole of an overhead line for a new one using lifting mechanisms. During the fourth stage it was necessary to measure the resistance of the "phase-zero" loop on a 0.4 kV overhead line and replace the circuit breaker in the package transformer substation with setting its parameters. The final stage of the competition was put out the fire in a 10/0.4 kV transformer bay.

Tough struggle among five crews of power distribution grids of Smolenskenergo identified the best. The winner of the competition was the team of Pochinoksky Distribution Zone composed of master Sergey Sergeev, electricians Dmitry Komarov and Andrey Graschenkov. The runner-up team was from Gagarinsky Distribution Zone: master Stanislav Myaun, electricians - Andrey Antipenkov and Dmitry Novikov. Bronze winners were representatives of Smolensky Distribution Zone, master Yury Scheglov, electricians - Alexey Chekhov and Alexey Anisimov.

"We did not set the task to find out who is better and faster to cope with a certain task - all the guys did well, all met the standard terms and did everything correctly," stressed Nikolay Kireenko. "It is important that in the course of such events the crews have a unique opportunity to exchange experiences. By training professionals, we do so that in real life they could easily and confidently, and most importantly, safely carry out their work, thereby providing consumers with reliable and uninterrupted power supply."

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