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More than 60 children from the social and health centre "Goloevka" repeated the rules for handling electricity at home and in the street


15 June 2016, specialists of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division held a lesson on electrical safety for children of the first summer shift in 2016 of the "Social and health centre "Goloevka", located in Roslavlsky district of the Smolensk region. The lesson was held for all age categories. During the session the children answered questions related to the safe handling rules with household appliances at home and behaviour near power grid facilities in the street. For making stands for electrical safety in the camp buildings personnel of the centre was given colourful posters with a reminder on the basic rules of behaviour near power facilities, and the children received colouring books and memos on electrical, safety, which are developed by IDGC of Centre.

Electrical safety classes are held in the framework of a comprehensive prevention program. The purpose of these visiting sessions on electrical safety is to remind schoolchildren of the basic rules of safe behaviour near electrical facilities indoors and outdoors during the long summer holidays. This way it ensures a continuous learning process: during the school year schoolchildren study electrical safety in the life safety classroom and extra-curricular activities, including those held by specialists of the branch, and in the summer they remember and repeat the studied material during such activities.

This is the first summer session, but it is planned that the overall preventive measures in children’s holiday camps will be held till the end of the summer. Total for June-August specialist of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division plan to hold 16 such events in summer recreation camps, summer school sites, in nursing homes of various districts in the region.

Orphaned children of school age, who are in difficult circumstances, children with disabilities with their accompanying persons, large low-income families including: a parent and at least three children are resting at the social and health centre "Goloevka".

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