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Belgorod power engineers discussed with entrepreneurs the topical issues of connection to the power grid


IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division held a round table for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses on connection to the power grid. Participants of the event discussed the timing and procedure of connection, reviewed the sequence of actions for the implementation of contract obligations, made suggestions on simplification of the grid connection procedures.

The entrepreneurs were interested in the issues of increasing power consumption, supplying electricity directly to the building site, simplifying the procedure and shortening the period of the grid connection.

The power engineers, in turn, drew the consumers’ attention to the need for timely submission of applications for grid connection, the reasonableness of maximum power and reliability category indicated in them, as well as the timeliness of performance of their part of the technical specifications. It is on these components, as well as on the characteristics of power supply circuits and need of renovation, the time period of connection often depends.

According to Deputy Director for Development and Sale of Services of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division Maxim Shumakov, if the connection does not require large capital investments, and the maximum capacity of the power plant does not exceed 15 kW, the consumer can rely on quick execution of the grid connection contract. The cost of such services does not exceed 550 rubles. In all other cases, the cost calculation is based on tariff decisions adopted by the Commission on the state regulation of prices and tariffs of the Belgorod region, for consumers with customer contract demand of 15 to 150 kW - at discounted rates.

This category includes most of small businesses in the region engaged in various areas of the economy and services. Many with the development of production refer to the branch again - with applications to increase the capacity of its power installations.

In particular, last year the owner of an agricultural facility in Borisovsky district was already connected to the grid, but today he is in talks to increase the capacity. In accordance with the business plan in five years his company will keep thousands of milk cows and 2,500 calves. In addition, the company launched a dairy plant with capacity of 30 kW, has its own laboratory, it is planned to construct its own mini-plant for production of cheese and dairy products. A similar question was made by the representative of the company, engaged in improvement of the recreation zone "Shagarovka". Taking into account the projected needs the power of his power installations can increase up to 350-400 kW.

"To match the extra power with real needs, and the time of execution of the grid connection contract meets the interests of the parties, all technical issues on the formation of applications need to be addressed together," says Maxim Shumakov. "For the convenience of the consumer today the company more and more often in the service package offers the so-called "turnkey grid connection", which includes all activities, ranging from visit onsite to assess the technical capabilities of the facility connection and finishing harmonization of documents to regulatory and supervisory bodies and their subsequent provision to the sales company for a power supply contract conclusion."

At the end of the meeting the power engineers reminded that the grid connection procedure is clearly regulated by the RF Government Resolution № 861 dated 27.12.2004 and is implemented on the basis of a contract concluded between Belgorodenergo and a legal or natural person. In the region, where each year about ten thousand grid connection contracts are concluded and executed, there is already a certain practice for improving the forms and methods of work with customers engaged in small and medium-sized businesses. For more information, please, contact the customer service offices located in every district of the region or by the direct telephone line of Belgorodenergo at 13-50.

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