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Bryanskenergo simplifies the grid connection procedure


IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division is one of the largest grid companies, providing residents of the Bryansk region a number of services in the electricity sector, including - connection of consumers to electric grids, is successful in implementing the road map "Increasing energy infrastructure availability" approved by Resolution of the RF Government of 30.06.2012 №1444-r. The aim of the document is to facilitate grid connection procedures, reducing its time and cost.

In 2015 Bryanskenergo achieved noticeable results in implementing the requirements of the road map. The average connection time for all categories of consumers in the branch decreased by 3 days and was 131 days (with the requirement of the Ordinance in 2015 to reduce the period of connection to the grid to 135 days). The average number of procedures for grid connection in the last year was three - receiving an application, conclusion of a contract for grid connection (hereinafter - the grid connection contract) and the grid connection contract performance (with requirement of the Ordinance in 2015 to reduce the number of procedures - to four, and in 2018 - to three). The share of actual connections to the number of concluded contracts (defined as the ratio of the number of executed contracts to the number of concluded contracts) compared with 2014 increased from 0.78 to 1.01.

Bryanskenergo solves the task of simplifying the grid connection procedure in cooperation with the regional authorities. Representatives of the branch joined the established with the Governor of the Bryansk region working group on the subject "Improving energy infrastructure availability". It is designed to ensure compliance with the "road map" for the region. With the same purpose in the region the regulation of interaction of bodies of executive power and territorial grid organizations was adopted in the implementation of connection of power receivers (power installations) of legal entities and individuals to electric grids.

Bryanskenergo intends to continue the work on the simplification of receiving grid connection services by consumers.

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