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Employees of Bryanskenergo organized for students a tour of one of the most modern power facilities in the region


Staff of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division held for students of the 3rd course of "Bryansk State Agricultural University", enrolled in "Power and Electrical Engineering", a tour of the substation "Gorodischenskaya". The event was attended by about 30 students.

"Gorodischenskaya" is the supply centre of a large shopping mall, as well as a new residential neighbourhood and socially significant facilities located in Soviet district of the city of Bryansk. In 2014 the renovation was carried out there, during which the most modern equipment was installed in the substation. During the excursion the power engineers showed the students how it works, spoke about the new opportunities that result from the modernization of the power facility, which consumers of Bryansk will have. And in conclusion they answered their numerous questions.

Bryanskenergo organizes excursions at power facilities of the branch regularly, as part of career guidance, which aims to help students get an idea of the energy sector in general and the future professional activity. Also as part of this activity the branch organizes the passage of students of industrial and pre-diploma practice, the work of a student construction crew and other events.

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