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Orelenergo in the summer continues to work actively on prevention of children’s electric injuries


IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division conducts systematic work on prevention of children’s electric injuries. During the year the energy company carries out electrical safety lessons in schools and institutions of further education. This work is ongoing during the holidays as well, when children spend a lot of time without adult supervision. To protect them from dangers of careless handling of electricity, Orelenergo’s employees conduct classes on prevention of electric injuries in children’s summer camps.

This summer is not an exception. Power engineers will visit with lessons the camps "Orlovchanka", "Fir Tree", "Scarlet Sails", "Space", "Pine Forest", etc. It is planned to hold about ten classes, which more than 500 guys are expected to participate in. The organizers of the lessons will tell them about the rules of behaviour near power facilities, how to provide assistance to victims with electric shock, what to do if a ragged electric wire found, and other useful things. A handy addition to the classes will be leaflets, posters, timetables and other useful visual products.

"We are trying to convey to children the information about handling electricity in an accessible form, and by their reviews we can see that they understand and learn it well. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the management of summer camps - their representatives are always excellent assistants to us in the prevention of children’s electric injuries," stressed the head of the department of occupational health and environmental safety Andrey Sharin.

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