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Staff of Kurskenergo is ready for elimination of emergency situations


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division pays serious attention to the development of practical interaction of operating and maintenance personnel with employees of municipal utilities, regional authorities, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the conditions of emergency situations. This year the company carried out about 1,100 emergency response trainings, including 155 workshops for personnel actions at low temperature.

One of the last trainings was held in the 110 kV power lines "South-Atom City" and "Lgov-Konyshevka". According to the scenario, as a result of sticking of wet snow on the overhead line the ground wire was broken, leading to the interruption of lines and power failure of consumers in four districts of the Kursk region.


After receiving information about the "failure" in the power system, operators of the Grid Control Centre (GCC) of Kurskenergo quickly assessed the situation and began to implement circuit and operation measures aimed at eliminating it. Repair personnel of the service of lines as well as operational staff of Kurchatovsky, Konyshevsky, Lgovsky, Octyabrsky, and Central Distribution Zones received a command to inspect the overhead lines and substations. Simultaneously it was organized to switch off the damaged equipment to repair, and then arrangements were made to supply power to de-energized consumers with a backup circuit.

Thanks to the skillful actions of maintenance personnel and operational and technology groups, the failures as soon as possible were found and eliminated, the normal circuit of operation of the power system was restored.

"In the winter, with a significant increase of energy consumption, grids are subject to an additional load. In this context, in the case of damage to equipment, consequences for consumers are more severe with the well-known reasons. Therefore, it is essential for us to further improve the operational skills of personnel in emergency situations. The today’s practice showed that this problem is solved successfully," stressed Deputy Chief Engineer for operational, technological and situational management - Head of the GCC of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division Dmitry Martemyanov.

To eliminate abnormal situations "Kurskenergo" created 106 first responding and restoration crews numbering 731 people and 179 vehicles, including 10 mobile crews of 76 people and 21 vehicles.

If necessary, the company can quickly attract additional forces and means - 56 people and 16 pieces of special purpose vehicles within the framework of agreements on cooperation with contractors, as well as with the branch of PJSC "FGC UES" - Black Earth PMES.

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