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Tverenergo’s power engineers to take part in the corporate show-contest of amateur art


Regional qualifiers, the stages of the competition of amateur art dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the electrification plan came to a close at IDGC of Centre. Power engineers from even the most remote offices responded in the Tver branch of the electric grid company to participate in a talent contest. This confirms the fact that the employees of "Tverenergo" - not only qualified experts, focused to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply in the region, but also active, versatile, talented people.

Singers, reciters, dancers, instrumental music performers, artists, seamstresses of sewing and embroidery - more than 50 people presented to the organizing committee of the regional stage their achievements in the amateur work. For example, Elena Schmidt, an expert of a point of work with consumers in Rzhevsky Distribution Zone, charmed the jury with her vocal abilities. And though she was first involved in corporate events of this level, Elena believes in the success of the delegation of the native branch. In late October, she and colleagues will have to perform at the final stage of the competition, which will take place in Orel and gather talents from all 11 branches of IDGC of Centre. Rehearsals at Tverenergo are in full swing, as the creative team of Tver power engineers intend to surprise and please their colleagues from other regions.


And Maria Mayakova, an engineer of category 2 of a site of the diagnostics service of the Tver production base, will not go to Orel in person, but she will pass her work to the exhibition - a textile giraffe, made in the style of "Tilda" and dressed in an electrician’s suit. "I am actively involved in corporate competitions, and for this event I exhibit my work for the second time. For me it's an opportunity to show my skills to colleagues and to position the native branch as a place where creative and active people work," shared Maria her emotions.

"Corporate culture is an important component of HR policy of IDGC of Centre. The company is interested in bright, self-motivated personalities with the necessary skills to achieve the highest standards in everything they do," explained Marina Sermanova, Head of Human Resources of IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division.

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