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The trade union organization of Orelenergo summed up the five-year work


IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division held a reporting and election conference of the trade union organization, at which the results of work over the past 5 years were summed up, a new chairperson and members of the trade union of the branch were elected and a work plan was made for the coming years. The conference was attended by chiefs of Distribution Zones, representatives of the youth and veterans’ councils and the executive office of the branch.

Chairman of the trade union of Orelenergo Victor Zhuchkin had a summary report. He spoke about the priorities of the union over the past five years. Among them there was the work with the youth and veterans, the organization of cultural and leisure activities and therapeutic and recreational activities for the branch’s staff and their families.


Health of employees and their children is one of the most important areas of activity of the trade union of Orelenergo. The organization allows the company’s employees and their families to take advantage of resort treatment and rest on the sea, and children - to spend a summer holiday in countryside health camps. The union also cares about leisure of the staff. During the reporting period more than 50 excursions, visits to theaters and Christmas tree parties were organized for them. One of the most prominent event of the trade union this year was a trip to holy places and an excursion to the air show "MAKS-2015". In addition, with the assistance of the trade union corporate contests and competitions, family sports events, friendly soccer, tennis and hockey matches are organized for employees of the company.

With the active participation of the Veterans’ Council of Orelenergo the trade union organization holds exhibitions devoted to military and energy issues, meetings with the youth and evening events.

The participants of the conference also identified the main activities of the trade union organization for the next five years. Among them there is the work on a new version of the collective bargain agreement, strengthening of interaction of authorized persons of the union with staff of Distribution Zones, as well as further improvement of the social and legal partnership between employees and the employer.

The conference elected new members of the union committee of Orelenergo that will work over the next five years, as well as its head. Delegates voted unanimously to keep these powers for Victor Zhuchkin.

"The main task of the union is the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of employees, improving working conditions, the organization of corporate leisure. By today more than 80%, or 1,514 employees of the branch have become union members of Orelenergo, indicating the efficiency and relevance of the trade union committee," stressed Adviser to General Director, Chairman of the primary trade union organization of IDGC of Centre Victor Ablezgov.

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