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Kurskenergo summed up the preliminary results of the implementation of labour protection measures


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division summed up the results of activity in the field of occupational health and production safety for nine months of this year. Planned activities for the period have been made in full. A total of over 23 million rubles were spent on this purpose.

The priorities of the reporting period were improvement of professional skills of employees of the branch and equipment of staff with modern means of protection.


261,442 sets of summer and winter heat-resistant suits were purchased for employees of "Kurskenergo". All crews of Distribution Zones were additionally provided with sets of portable earthing devices, ensuring the safety of personnel in carrying out repair and maintenance activities at power grid facilities.

Also, for the purpose of safe operation of power equipment 276 interlocking devices were installed in bays of 6-10 kV switchgear and indoor transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV, which prevent opening doors when disconnectors are switched on.

Among the employees of the branch there were competitions of professional skills that allow to assess the level of training of staff of production departments, to consolidate skills to work at power installations in conditions as close to real. The units of Kurskenergo passed more than a thousand emergency drills.

Specialists of "Kurskenergo" paid much attention in the reporting period to activities aimed at preventing injuries to third-parties. Within this framework 43 transformer substations were fully brought into line with regulatory requirements. In settlements of the Kursk region, located in the service area of the company, additional information signs and posters were placed, warning people about the danger of electric shock. Information about the need to observe the rules of electrical safety was broadcast on local television stations, published in the print media.

"Ensuring the safety of our employees and third parties, who may be in the vicinity of power facilities, is one of the priorities of the branch. Thanks to regular activities, for 2014 and the current year there was no single case of electric shock to third parties at facilities of Kurskenergo," stressed the head of occupational safety and production control of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division Victor Sokolov.

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