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"Tverenergo" told radio listeners about the problem of electricity theft


Leaders of the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre took part in a radio broadcast in which once again drew public attention in the Tver region to the problems of non-contractual and non-metered electric energy consumption.

Issues of electricity theft are acute in the Tver region and threaten the reliability and stability of the entire power system in the region. So, for 9 months of this year specialists of "Tverenergo" drew up 185 acts on non-contractual consumption in excess of 113 million rubles. It should be remembered that the power consumption without agreement, concluded in accordance with legislation, is fraught with immediate disconnection from the network as well as criminal liability. The calculation of payment for non-contractual consumption is made from the date of the last check of the status of grid facilities in a location of unauthorized connection to the network till the date of revealing the fact of theft of electricity. The entire amount of the fine will be charged to the consumer in the voluntary or forced way through the court.

In addition, this year in the non-metered way (interference with the operation of the metering device or metering system) unscrupulous customers consumed more than 21 million kW/h. Out of 1,400 drawn up acts of non-metered consumption - there are only 113 for legal persons. But on their side there is the advantage in terms of stolen electricity - 14 million kW/h, which converted into cash is about 85 million rubles.

The Tver branch of IDGC of Centre has intensified efforts to identify cases of non-contractual and non-metered electric energy consumption. The company’s specialists install anti-magnetic seals, the indicator of which is triggered when using magnets, conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections, take control readings. Law enforcement officials are often attracted to raids.

"Reliable operation of the power system in the region is the foundation of the harmonious development of the Tver community, its social, economic and even political spheres. And the facts of theft of electricity destroy this foundation, endangering the stable power supply to bona fide consumers," clarified Mikhail Pilavov, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division director.

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