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Tambovenergo initiated the prosecutor's check for violation of the rules of operation of electrical installations


The prosecutor's office of Znamensky district of the Tambov region for handling a request of IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division checked the construction of a hydropower station on the Tsarevka river.

Personnel of the power lines service of the branch at a planned inspection of overhead lines in Znamensky district of the Tambov region revealed a fact of gross violation of the rules of operation of electrical installations. On the Tsarevka river unidentified persons performed work unauthorized by Tambovenergo with the construction of a dam, which led to the flooding of pole #13 of the 110 kV overhead line "Yaroslavlskaya".

The appeal of the power company to the supervisory authority drew attention to the fact that the current situation could affect the safety of electric grid facilities, cause damage or destruction, and (or) result in damage to life or health of citizens.

As a result of the prosecutor's check it was found that the said hydropower station was erected in violation of the provisions of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, and without a relevant permission. The Prosecutor's Office of Znamensky district the of the Tambov region made a citation to the administration head of the Sukhotinsky village council with the requirement to take measures to eliminate the illicit hydropower station and bringing the land plot to its original state.

"Tambovenergo constantly monitors the observance of security zones of electric grid facilities. But so far the management of some organizations and individuals disregard the calls of power engineers to abide by the rules of protection of electrical networks. The result of this attitude is often accidents due to electric shock, or death. Thanks to the coordinated actions of staff of Tambovenergo and the Prosecutor's Office of Znamensky district, we managed to take all necessary measures to prevent the violation of the safe operation of electrical equipment, including to protect human life and health," stressed the head of the legal support of Tambovenergo Alexander Chugai.

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