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Tambovenergo is a finalist of the All-Russian competition in the field of energy saving projects "ENES-2015"


IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division was recognized as the winner of the regional phase of the II All-Russian competition of projects in the field of energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy development "ENES-2015". The presented by the branch implemented project of reconstruction of the largest feeding centre of the Northern part of Tambov, the 110/6 kV Substation "Tambovskaya №8", with the expected energy-saving effect, became the best in the nomination "Leader of the implementation of the best available technologies in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency".


The north of Tambov is the most modern and dynamic part of the regional centre: in the past years there were built several large neighbourhoods with accompanying social infrastructure (hospitals, schools, kindergartens), and in the near future there are plans to build a whole series of new residential complexes. Modernization of the SS "Tambovskaya №8" was driven by the need to meet the growing energy demands of the territory. In the course of its implementation the power facility capacity was increased from 16 MVA to 40 MVA, the latest equipment was installed at it. The modernization will allow to increase the transmission of electricity through the substation, reduce maintenance costs and decrease energy consumption for its own needs - as it is expected, the effect will be produced over the next four years.

"The project of Tambovenergo deservedly won the regional stage of the competition. And, most importantly, has already proven being successful in practice," stressed Chairman of the competition committee of the regional stage - Deputy Head of the Administration of the Tambov region Igor Kulakov, solemnly handing the diploma of the winner to Head of the department of energy conservation and energy efficiency of the branch Sergey Pervushin.

Now, the winning project of Tambovenergo became a member of the federal stage of the competition "ENES-2015". Its effectiveness will be evaluated by the competition committee, formed of experts and representatives of branch ministries and departments. The competition results will be announced at the International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Development ENES-2015, which will take place from 19 to 21 November 2015 in Moscow.

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