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Readiness of Lipetskenergo for the autumn-winter operation period of 2015-2016 was confirmed by a special commission


IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division received its certificate of readiness for the autumn-winter operation period of 2015-2016. The document, confirming the ability of the branch to provide reliable power supply to consumers at maximum loads, was handed over to its Head - Alexander Konanykhin by a representative of IDGC of Centre Anton Gerasimov. According to him, the Commission's decision was unanimous because "Lipetskenergo" fulfilled all the basic and additional conditions to prepare for the autumn-winter operation period.

Apart from the representative of IDGC of Centre, the commission included experts of the Upper Don Office of Rostekhnadzor in the Lipetsk region, a branch of JSC "SO UES" Lipetsk Transmission Control Centre, General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Lipetsk region and the Office of energy and tariffs of the Lipetsk region.

The experts visited the structural units of the branch, checked timely and qualitative performance of the repair program, the existence of an emergency reserve of equipment and materials, staff training for actions in emergency situations, as well as provision of employees with the necessary means of protection, protective clothing and safety shoes. The test results were recorded with a respective Act, which became the basis for the issuance of the Certificate of readiness for the autumn-winter operation period.

To date, one of the most important preparation areas for the winter - repair of electrical equipment is made at 100% in the amount of 154.1 million rubles.

During the reporting period 10 substations (SS) of 35-110 kV were overhauled, 1,136.3 km of power lines and 122 transformer substations and distribution points were repaired. Among the most significant refurbished facilities that supply large industrial enterprises and thousands of household consumers - transformers of the 110 kV Substation "Hydraulics" in Gryazi district, at SS "GPP-2" in Lipetsk, at SS 110 kV "Dolgorukovo" in the same district centre, at SS "Nikolskoye" and "Aksai" in Usmansky district. A large facility of the repair program was also the 110 kV overhead line "Ring-Left-Right", providing electricity to the city of Lipetsk.

In order to further enhance the reliability of power supply to the normative values 311.1 hectares of protected zones of overhead power lines (Conductors) of 35-110 kV were expanded.

As part of the investment program, the planned volume of development, which in 2015 amounted to 1.01 billion rubles, since the beginning of the year more than 120 km of power lines and 83 transformer substations have been renovated and newly constructed, 19 MVA of transformer capacity has been commissioned . An important project for the branch was the creation of the grid infrastructure of a large residential apartment cluster of Lipetsk - neighbourhood "Yeletskiy".

Staff training of "Lipetskenergo" also earned the positive assessment of the commission, who demonstrated the ability to rapid elimination of possible emergency situations in the grid-wide emergency exercise, which was attended by experts of operational services of the Upper Don PMES, Lipetsk Transmission Control Centre, General Directorate of EMERCOM in the Lipetsk region, and others. In case of need to eliminate technological disturbances the branch created 25 crews of constant readiness, 103 - reserve and 9 - mobile, who are ready at any time to leave for a site of eliminating technological violations - whether it is a neighbouring region, or any other, which may require professional help.

For temporary power supply to consumers in the face of massive technological violations the branch has 36 mobile diesel generators with a total capacity of 1.3 MW. The redundant power supply sources are constantly available, and if necessary, can be used on any site.

"The level of preparedness of personnel of Lipetskenergo has grown significantly in recent years. It should thus have a positive effect on the reliability of power supply to consumers," stressed Deputy Chief Engineer for Operation of IDGC of Centre Anton Gerasimov.

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