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Belgorodenergo presented a series of videos "Let's talk about energy saving"


IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division presented a series of videos "Let's talk about energy saving", where in a simple and accessible for children form shows the main ways to save energy. The event was held in the cinema centre "Rusich" and was attended by over 80 pupils of preparatory groups of kindergartens of the city of Belgorod.

There was a real holiday at the entrance to the cinema for young viewers with quizzes, puzzles, and a small tour on the theme of energy conservation. And then there was a demonstration of nine short films that power engineers specially prepared for young consumers of energy resources. Most of the main characters of these movies are the same kids, like the today’s visitors, but they already know how to save energy. Characters of the films told why people should carefully use energy sources, showing vivid life examples. After each viewed film the kids willingly shared their experiences and expressed their opinions. "I remembered the rule about energy saving lamps very well, today I will tell my Dad about this! One need to save energy every day to be enough for all," stressed a pupil of kindergarten # 69 Misha Anisimov.

And instructors of the kindergartens appreciated that vivid presentation of materials. They say, they certainly will use them in their work. "It's very well thought: in a playful way kids are told about serious things - the need to preserve energy resources and how to save them. Children are characters of the videos. This is a definite plus. It is easier for children to understand their peers, because they speak the same language. And the material was presented in a poetic form, which is absorbed much faster with children. And life examples that are provided in each video help remember tips even faster. It is little to say to children to remember, they need to see to remember easily," says a teacher of kindergarten # 69 in Belgorod Lyudmila Vodyanitskaya.

The entire series of videos "Let's talk about energy saving" will be donated to children’s educational and social institutions for the use at thematic sessions in the school curriculum. In time laid knowledge will help shape respect for natural resources and energy with the younger generation.

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