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Tverenergo summed up the work with consumers for the first half of the year


Specialists of IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division summed up the work of Customer Service Offices (CSO) for the first half of 2015.

During this period about 11 thousand people addressed to the Offices. More than three thousand customers submitted applications for connection to the grid of the branch. 4,248 requests concerned value-added services.

Feedback takes an important place in the adopted in Tverenergo system of relationships with customers. In order to study the views of citizens about the quality of its services experts of the Offices regularly conduct surveys among them. During the first half of the year Tverenergo received more than 2,200 positive pieces of customer feedback. They thank the employees of the CSO for expert assistance in the design documentation, as well as attention to every client.


Currently there are 37 Customer Service Offices in the Tver region. They are open in every district centre and in Tver. The work of the CSOs allows consumers to comprehensively address emerging issues related to the activities of the branch: specialists of the Offices receive applications for grid connection, additional services, and also advise consumers on the registration of payments for electricity, the conclusion of contracts for energy supply, etc.

Additional services include, in particular, such demanded services by citizens as installation, replacement and sealing of advanced metering devices, maintenance and repair of private package transformer substations and overhead lines, testing and diagnostics of high-voltage equipment, electrical safety devices, comprehensive service of automated information measurement electric power metering systems (AMI). Using them, the consumer is able to increase the energy efficiency of the enterprise or at home, to reduce losses by increasing the power and energy supply control, to implement accurate metering of energy consumption.

Since February 2015 the Tver branch of IDGC of Centre offers to its customers a new service: scheduled appointments in the Customer Service Office. Now citizens have the opportunity to determine some convenient time to visit the Office and not to stand in the queue. They can make an appointment by calling the 24/7 direct line of power engineers at 8 800 50 50 115 (call is free throughout Russia), by telephone of the Customer Service Office or during their personal visit. In the same way consumers can receive operational advice on all matters of power supply that concern them.

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