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Kurskenergo celebrated the Day of Family


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division celebrated the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. The company organized a festive competition program "Family is that always with you!", which was attended by families with children of employees. Such an event was held for the first time at Kurskenergo and aroused great interest.


The program began with the contest "Welcome", in which participants introduced members of their family and their hobbies. The jury, which also consisted of couples, recognized a presentation of the Babich family from Zheleznogorsky Distribution Zone as the best. The Babich couple brings up five adopted children from two to 17 years of age. The children are creative - they sing, dance, draw. Head of the family himself makes furniture, and Mother is engaged in painting and decoupage.

Next in the program there were contests, where participants were asked to demonstrate the agility, ingenuity and creativity. The title of the "Most athletic" family was won by the Yarigin family from Belovsky Distribution Zone. Alexander and Elena Yarygins and their three sons were the winners of the contest "Caterpillar with balls", during which the team was asked to time pass with a "snake", not "breaking out" on the road. "Most artistic" was the Anokhin family from Belovsky Distribution Zone, who portrayed the best, according to the jury, a sculpture of a happy family in the framework of the competition of the same name. The most creative family was chosen in the competition, where each team was asked to collectively draw a portrait of one of its representatives. The winner there was the Gerasin family from the Central Distribution Zone, who with the joint efforts created a realistic portrait of their younger daughter.


The final program was a musical contest "Jug band". Members of the teams by means of simple props (empty tin cans with a trifle, wooden spoons, pots with ladles, ratchets) had to perform as closely as possible an original proposed melody. The Prozorov family coped with the task best of all, whose members not only demonstrated a good ear for music and sense of rhythm, but also chose the right props, ensuring high quality of the performance. The Prozorovs were awarded the title "The most resourceful family".

Eventually there were no losers on that day. All families received Certificates and valuable gifts.

Summarizing the event, Director of Kurskenergo Alexander Rudnevsky stressed: "Our family holiday has turned out to be warm, funny, full of smiles and positive emotions. I hope it will become a tradition - in fact, as we have seen today, such events are necessary, because they bring joy to both adults and children."

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