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Employees of Tambovenergo congratulated a war veteran on his 90th anniversary, a veteran of the Tambov power system, Alexander Latyshev


On the 9th of July the veteran of the Tambov power system Alexander Latyshev celebrated his 90th anniversary. The birthday celebrant was congratulated by representatives of IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division, who visited him at home.

"The war generation for all of us is a model of courage and heroism, an example of duty and high responsibility to Russia and its people. You went through the ordeal of the war years, survived and won. A low bow to you for your frontline feat and hard work in the energy sector in the post-war years," stressed in his congratulatory word to the hero of the day Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division director Vladimir Syschikov.

The fate of Alexander is a vivid example of heroic biography of his generation. Behind him there are thousands of kilometres of road front, rescuing comrades, and everyday heroism in the name of making the Victory closer. Today, the front jacket of the veteran is decorated with the Order of the Red Star and the Order of the Patriotic War I degree, the medal "For courage", "For Victory over Germany", "For the capture of Budapest", "For the capture of Vienna" as a memory of the heroic difficult time.

Alexander came to the energy sector after the war. He finished Kirsanovsky Agricultural College. After working for some time as placed at a hydroelectric power plant in the village of Otyassy, he joined the Tambov electrical networks. He worked as a master of a field laboratory to check rural transformers, and then an operator. In the mid 80's he retired, but he does not lose ties with his native company so far.

Despite its venerable age the veteran leads an active life - he speaks to young people interested in the developments in the economy. But the main hobby of Mr. Latyshev is bee farming. His apiary has several dozen hives that Alexander transports every year to nectar-bearing places.

The team of Tambov power engineers congratulates Alexander Latyshev on his anniversary and sincerely wishes him good health, longevity, happiness and prosperity!

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