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Tambovenergo tested modern PPE


 IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division held a visiting meeting of the Governing Council on Strategy and Transformation. The key issues discussed by representatives of the collegial body were compliance with the fundamental rights and use of additional electrical personal protective equipment when working under induced voltage. Practical training on the measurement of induced voltage was held at the 110 kV overhead line Tambov-4 – Morshansk-1 with taps, with the participation of experts of the power lines service and the diagnostics service.

The power engineers focus on the subject due to changes in the "Rules of safety in the operation of electrical installations", which greatly broadened the definition of lines under induced voltage. The feature of work on overhead lines under induced voltage is that even if all technical measures are performed, maintenance personnel touches the wire, obviously energized, while experiencing psychological distress. The magnitude of the induced voltage on overhead wires at the place of work depends on a number of factors and can vary from a few volts to a several kilovolts.

Induced voltage poses a considerable risk to professionals serving high-voltage lines, as the impact on the human body is similar to operating voltage. Thus, the flow of current from the induced voltage may result in an accident.

"Test of innovative sets of overalls in actual field conditions allowed in practice to see the effectiveness of the protection of personnel," commented the head of production control and safety Sergey Simon. "Currently, the Tambov branch of IDGC of Centre received the first batch of modern sets of overalls Ep-4, in the production of which fundamentally new materials and technologies are used. Therefore, such kits reliably protect personnel from exposure to deadly electrical current of power frequency. "


Jackets, overalls, boots and gloves are made using conductive materials and are electrically connected to each other by elastic contact pins. The kit is designed for current flow of about 30 A, bypassing the human body in a short time.

The demonstration at the testing site of innovative PPE was successful. The Governing Council on Strategy and Transformation decided to study the issue to provide line personnel with the necessary number of protective kits from induced voltage.

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