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Smolenskenergo is preparing electric grids to work in a thunderstorm period of 2015


In preparation for the thunderstorm period of 2015 IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division is implementing a set of measures aimed at ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation of the electric grid complex of the Smolensk region.

The branch’s experts analyze existing circuits of overvoltage protection, visually inspect lightning protection devices and protection against overvoltage of switchgear of 35-110 kV substations, 35-110 kV overhead power lines and 6-10 kV distribution networks.

Before the thunderstorm season the power engineers will have to restore dismantled during the autumn-winter operation period of 2014/2015 broken ground wire and their grounding circuits, modified for the period of ice melting.

For first responding, maintenance and repair personnel review-briefings are scheduled on actions in thunderstorms and emergency drills of first responding and maintenance personnel on power lines fault location, as well as elimination of interruptions of power supply to consumers.

Timely and complete preparation of the electric grid complex of Smolenskenergo to operating through the thunderstorm period will allow to significantly reduce the risk of damage to electrical equipment in the service area of the branch and provide reliable and quality power supply to consumers in the Smolensk region.

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