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Kurskenergo continues planned training of operating personnel


At the training centre of operating personnel of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division a training of heads of operations and technology groups (OTG) of Distribution Zones completed. The training program included organization of operational and technological management in Distribution Zones, improvement of occupational safety of operating personnel and fire safety.

Participants of the study had a detailed analysis of tasks and functions of operational and technological management. Particular attention was paid to the process of learning strict implementation by operating staff of safety and health and work requirements, how to work with operators, switching and emergency response.

"The knowledge received the heads of operations and technology groups will pass to operating personnel. In addition, they will help them teach the techniques and specifics of working with power equipment newcoming employees," said the head of the operational and technological service of Kurskenergo Roman Dryuchin.

Technical study and training of employees in Kurskenergo is held annually in accordance with the rules of working with staff in the energy industry. The Kursk branch of IDGC of Centre considers the work to improve the professionalism of its employees an important preventive measure aimed at reducing the risk of erroneous actions, injuries and increasing productivity. According to the plan before the end of this year more than 250 people will be trained in Kurskenergo.

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