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In 2015 Lipetskenergo to allocate 47.6 million rubles for the labor protection measures


In 2015 IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division will allocate for labour protection measures, carried out in the framework of the program to reduce risks of injuries, 47.6 million rubles, which is 36.1% more than in 2014.

Most of the funds, 27 million rubles, will be aimed at providing employees with personal protective equipment resistant to electric arc. Lipetsk power engineers plan to purchase for personnel, engaged in maintenance and repair of grids, clothing and footwear resistant to electric arc, power protection devices, such as portable ground insulated pliers, helmets, goggles, a device for cable spiking, signs and voltage indicators. Cost per one employee will be 12.2 thousand rubles.

Among other measures for safety is the organization and holding of monthly Safety Days, an annual review competition and contest of professional skills, planned and unannounced inspections of workplaces in all structural units of the branch for compliance with the rules for the labour protection of personnel and fire safety. The branch also holds regular classes with staff. To do this, each production unit of the branch has safety rooms, complete with thematic stands "Labour Safety", "Fire Safety", "Industrial Safety", "Maintenance", visual aids of protective equipment and clothing. A total of 19 such rooms were organized in structural units of the branch.

In 2015 special attention will be paid to the health and working conditions of employees. During the year, following the results of previously conducted assessment of workplaces in Lipetskenergo a series of activities will be held to improve working conditions, medical checks of staff, vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis and influenza, as well as insurance of personnel from a tick bite. 466.8 thousand rubles will be spent on general improvement in labour conditions.

"The electric power industry is a sector with high risks for staff, so labour protection measures in Lipetskenergo are given priority and funding to," stressed the head of occupational safety and production control of Lipetskenergo Maxim Yashin.

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