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Kurskenergo’s specialists teach schoolchildren the rules of electrical safety


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division conducts systematic work on the prevention of children’s electric injuries. Its important part is lessons on electrical safety, which are aimed at reducing the risk of accidents involving children at power facilities. Kurskenergo’s specialists held another such lesson for schoolchildren of grade 5 in the Belovskaya secondary school of the Kursk region.

Chief Engineer of Belovsky Distribution Zone Andrey Razdolyev and a specialist of a training centre for operating personnel of Kurskenergo Oksana Zhirkova told schoolchildren about the basic rules of safe handling of electricity. A computer presentation, videos, warning signs and posters became a useful visual complement to the lesson.

Practical training in first aid to a victim with electric shock at the robot simulator "Gosha" caused particular interest with the fifth graders. Everyone, who wished, tried the role of rescuers.


At the end of the lesson the power engineers gave the children a book "Energolandiya" where there are entertaining games, puzzles, quizzes, colouring books, as well as timetables, containing the rules of safe handling of electricity.

Life Safety teacher of the Belovskaya secondary school Olga Astapova thanked the power engineers for the thematic lesson and expressed the wish that such studies to be conducted for schoolchildren in other age groups.

In total this year, experts of Kurskenergo will hold not fewer than 30 classes and workshops on prevention of children’s electric injuries in all districts of the Kursk region.

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