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In 2014 Tambovenergo fully performed the environmental policy implementation program


IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division summed up the performance of the "Program of environmental policy implementation" in 2014. Last year, as part of this work, the branch carried out 38 events, funding for the program amounted to about 2.3 million rubles, which is 28% more than in 2013 (1.667 million rubles). Increase in the budget of the program, in particular, was associated with the implementation of a complex exploration work at Tambovenergo on the calculation of the groundwater operation storage. State examination of the groundwater operation storage confirmed that their quality meets the intended purpose.

During the reporting period the branch continued to improve the regulatory framework and its management system for the protection of the environment and natural resources. Specialists of Tambovenergo drafted standards for waste and limits on their storage, as well as a project regulating the maximum amount of allowable emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere for Zherdevsky, Tokarevsky, Uvarovsky, Mordovsky, Rzhaksinsky Distribution Zones.

In 2014 experts of Tambovenergo monitored the negative impact of pollutants on the environment in the service area of ​​the branch. Instrumental measurements of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and laboratory control measurements of quantitative chemical analysis of the soil in landfill sites confirmed that the indicators are within established limits.

Delivery of waste hazard class I-IV to specialized organizations was also systematically performed. When disposing of mercury-containing lamps there is risk of their destruction. The branch purchased demercurization sets for each Distribution Zone, designed for self-disposal of metallic mercury and chemical treatment of contaminated surface in the event of such a situation.

An important place in the activities of the environmental program is taken by the modernization of power equipment in order to reduce and prevent its negative impact on the environment. In 2014 Tambovenergo installed three 110 kV gas-insulated circuit breakers, 40 6-10 kV oil circuit breakers were replaced with vacuum. An overhaul of oil circuit breakers, oil receivers of transformers, drainage devices, as well as oil-filled equipment was performed, and gravel bedding underneath was renewed. Oil-filled bushings were replaced with solid insulation ones.

Work continued on the prevention of deaths of birds on overhead power lines. Last year experts of the branch installed 399 bird protective devices PZU-10 in sections of 10 kV overhead lines from the 35/10 kV substations "Yaroslavlskaya" and "Karavainskaya".

Tambovenergo’s implementation of full activities of the "Program of environmental policy implementation" allows to observe environmental legislation while operating power facilities and as a result - to reduce impact of negative factors on the environment.

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