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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre trained pupils of Smolensk schools in safe handling of electricity on the eve of spring break


As part of a program to reduce risk of injury at facilities of IDGC of Centre specialists of the Smolensk branch of the company on the eve of spring break in March 2015 held a series of studies on the prevention of children’s electric injuries for 280 pupils from 12 schools of the region.

Employees of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division acted as teachers and told about the consequences of careless handling of electricity. During lessons Smolenskenergo’s experts told the children about the rules of safe handling of electrical household appliances, rules of behaviour near power facilities, as well as about where to go in case of emergency. During the lessons the children were given the opportunity by the example of cartoon characters to analyze dangerous situations. The schools were given a set of colourful posters on electrical safety to help teachers in the further work on this topic. The teachers say that thanks to the master classes, children learn serious precaution rules more effectively.

Smolensk power engineers believe that conducting lessons on the prevention of children’s electric injuries is one of the most important components of a comprehensive program of Smolenskenergo to reduce risks of injury to third parties at power facilities. In January and February there were 22 such lessons, and by the end of the school year (April-May) the power engineers plan to hold event to prevent children’s electric injuries for 32 secondary education institutions. During the summer, Smolenskenergo’s experts have planned to hold a series of educational activities with children adolescents in children's camps, sports schools and boarding schools.

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