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"Flower Parade" opened in Tambovenergo


IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division summed up the contest for the best floral compositions "Flower Parade". The contest was held on the eve of International Women's Day at the initiative of the Youth Council of the branch, under it employees were asked to make a flower arrangement with their own hands.

The event generated a lot of interest: the employees of Tambovenergo submitted to the contest a few dozen of original works, executed in various techniques of arts and crafts - applique, embroidery of foam, cloth, copper wire, twine, decorated with festive illumination, candy and satin ribbons. The employees of the executive office evaluated them themselves by secret ballot.

In the end, the floral arrangement "Roses" was recognized the winner: working on its development specialists of the customer management office struck colleagues with bright colours. Second place went to the embroidery with satin ribbons "Poppies" from the business planning section. Third place was rightly awarded to the work in suites-design of corrugated paper, twine and chocolates created by employees of the investment office.

"In the today's rapidly changing world, there is a transformation of classical concepts: creativity and originality come to the forefront. All participants of our contest showed these qualities in full," stressed Head of Human Resources of Tambovenergo Olga Vyazovova.

"On the eve of International Women's Day, we would like to create festive atmosphere at workplaces. After all, on this day it is a custom to give flowers and compliments to all women. The result was great! The works presented in the exhibition are made at the level of the most advanced design solutions," comments Chairman of the Youth Council of the branch Ilya Shivnov.

The staff liked the vivid and creative floral compositions. Now they adorn the foyer of the building of the executive office of Tambovenergo, delighting the eye and creating warm festive atmosphere on the eve of the first spring celebration. The exhibition runs until the end of March.

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