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The Youth Council of Smolenskenergo summed up the work in 2014


The Youth Council of the Smolensk branch of IDGC of Centre reported for 2014.

Last year a number of activities of the Council were aimed at the formation of a sense of social responsibility and patriotism with young employees. For example, members of the Youth Council, in addition to the traditional participation in patriotic campaigns for the Day of the Liberation of Smolensk and Victory Day, took part in the "Energy of Victory", in which more than 500 volunteers stretched a 391-metre St. George ribbon in the town square. The record was taken in the presence of numerous media with two methods of measurement: with a laser range finder and a conventional 25-metre tape measure. Representatives of the Youth Council of Smolenskenergo took an active part in the measurements. Just with their efforts two types of measurements were made, after which they joined those who held the unique ribbon.

The Youth Council traditionally pays much attention to the development of physical culture and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Among past events there are traditional billiards and bowling tournaments for employees of the branch. The competitions were held with good emotional mood of all participants. Colleagues and family members came to support teams. All power engineers demonstrated a high level of training and excellent game technique s.

"If bowling is more of an entertaining form of recreation, the billiards are called chess in motion, where tactics and endurance play an important role, so this tournament is not just kind of corporate entertainment, but a great charge for the intellect," stressed Chairman of the Youth Council of Smolenskenergo Alexey Magon.

For outdoor activities with the support of the trade union the Youth Council of Smolenskenergo organized a visit for the staff to the ski resorts of Belarus "Silichi" and "Logoisk".

Also, as an experiment, joint bowling and paintball tournaments were held among staff of the branch and young people of the students’ construction crew from Smolensk branch of MPEI, who worked in the summer of 2014 under the supervision of Smolenskenergo. And if in the bowling the teams of young power engineers and students fought for the right to be called the best, in the paintball, it was decided to make mixed teams to communicate with each other and unite.

Such active events are an excellent opportunity to strengthen and unite the team, develop team spirit, which helps improve performance and results. Invitation to participate in the activities of the branch of students of the specialized university is one of the variants of career guidance and interaction of students and power engineers.

Vocational guidance is an important part of the work of the Council. For example, representatives of the Youth Council at the kick-off meeting tell future power engineers, who came to the branch for production practice, about prospects of personal and career growth in the company, capacity building and skills development, social programs for young employees, work of the trade union of the branch and answer all questions of interest.

Representatives of the Council took an active part in all anniversary events, the most striking of which was the KVN Festival, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of IDGC of Centre, held in Smolensk. Letters of thanks for active participation in the festival were received almost all members of the Youth Council, joining the team of the branch or volunteers.

Members of the Council also received diplomas of participants in the annual contest of creative works on the theme "Power engineers of Central Russia bring light to regions of the country" and the first contest of amateur art, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of IDGC of Centre, diplomas for participation and victory in the competition "Energy saving: from simple to complex" and the competition for the best development of classroom hours/lectures dedicated to the popularization of preventing risks of injury to third parties at facilities of IDGC of Centre.

Almost at full strength the Council visited the workshop for young people held in Belgorod and received certificates from the course "Effective management".

Chairman of the Youth Council for the second year has been the head of the delegation of IDGC of Centre at the Youth Forum "Forsage-2014", where the youth of the company was engaged in the development of innovative projects. The team of young power engineers, which included employees of IDGC of Centre, won the first place in the game for teambuilding, held under supervision of the state corporation "Rosatom".

Much work is done by the Youth Council in terms of adaptation of young specialists, who came to work at the company. Chairman of the Council conducts an interview with newly employed young employees for their hobbies, interests and ambitions in work, social life, and family life.

The plans of the Youth Council are development and production of leaflets for young employees of Smolenskenergo, implementation of innovation procedures, questioning of employees of the branch, participation in patriotic campaigns for the Victory Day and the Day of the Liberation of Smolensk. In the near future we plan to conduct an intelligent tournament for young power engineers of the Smolensk region "What? Where? When?".

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