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An engineer of Belgorodenergo - among the winners of the All-Russian contest "New Idea"


An engineer of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division became a prize winner of the All-Russian competition for the best scientific and technical development among the youth of enterprises and organizations of the fuel and energy complex "New Idea". The contest is organized by fuel and energy companies with the support of the Ministry of Energy of Russia to increase the interest of young professionals to priority areas of science and technology development in the field of the fuel and energy complex.

The work of Deputy Head of operation and technology service of the Grid Control Center of the Belgorod branch of IDGC of Centre Yaroslav Yurikov on the theme: "Integration of the substation switchgear to the electricity grid connected to it" took the second place in the category "Energy". According to the author, it is dedicated to one of the most pressing problems of the Russian energy sector - power supply reliability in modern conditions of economic development.

Optimization of electrical networks is an important task for the energy industry of the Belgorod region and Russia as a whole. With the increasing pace of economic development the energy sector grows as well. There is a necessity of application of modern technologies and approaches to the construction of power grid facilities.

The engineer of Belgorodenergo proposed a new solution to construct a circuit of a tap 35/10 kV substation and 6-10 kV distribution networks connected to it with an automatic 10 kV transfer switch. To do this, based on the example of a typical supply substation located in Valuisky district of the region, he considered two options to improve the existing power supply circuit - "classic" and "alternative", performed their technical and economic comparison and determined the most effective.

In the competition work he analyzed the existing circuit of electric networks of the feeding centre, the results of which showed that the restoration time of power supply to consumers from backup power lines in the event of an outage of power equipment of the substation is at least 3 hours. And at the current construction of the grid it is almost impossible to reduce it. Meanwhile, developed by Yaroslav Yurikov concept of integrating the substation switchgear to the power grid connected to it through its automatic transfer switch will reduce the average time to restore power supply to consumers from 3 hours to 0.5 seconds.

According to the author of the project, the high reliability of electricity supply is provided by the application of vacuum 35 and 10 kV reclosers, which automatically isolate fault in a small area of the grid, avoiding large-scale power off with consumers. In addition, this concept allows to reduce the operating costs of the technical and operational maintenance of a substation and 6-10 kV distribution networks, increase the efficiency of planned switching for equipment outage for repair and provide an opportunity for grid connection of new customers. At the same time the premises of a feeding centre itself due to new arrangement and placement of equipment will be reduced by almost 60%.

The calculations of the specialist of Belgorodenergo along with official statistics were based on the results of independent research. It is planned to use the developed concept in the preparation of terms of reference for a pilot project to optimize the power supply circuit of one of substations of Belgorodenergo, and as a standard solution for the choice of power supply to consumers connected to any tap one-transformer substation.

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