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Smolenskenergo installs digital channels at its substations


In accordance with the program of modernization of a data collection and transmission system (SSPI) and the investment program of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division work was performed in 2014 at several sites.

In July 2014 digital communication channels for transmitting remote control data and voice traffic from substations with operators of the Grid Control Centre (GCC) of Smolenskenergo and the GCC of "Regional dispatch control of power systems of the Smolensk, Bryansk and Kaluga regions" (Transmission Control Centre),a branch of OJSC "SO UES" were put into commercial operation. It is necessary to control the Unified Energy System, create multi-level, multi-channel, geographically distributed digital-to-analog radio systems to control the dispatch centre and Grid Control Centre on the section of the GCC of Smolenskenergo - the substation "South" - Smolensk Distribution Zone for the project "Installation of SSPI RC for the SS "South" (FOCL Conductor #121-122).

The total length of the fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) is 6.29 km. Investments with VAT accounted for 2.43 thousand rubles.

In accordance with the SSPI in January 2015 it is planned to commission digital communication channels under the project of the 2014 investment program "SSPI of digital communication channels with the substations "Immaculate", "Dukhovschina", "Yartsevo-1", "Kozino", "Diffusion", and "Pochinok". They are designed to transmit telecommunication data and voice over the sections:

- the GCC of Smolenskenergo - the substation (SS) "Kozino" - SS "Diffusion" - SS "Water intake" of Smolensk Distribution Zone;
- the GCC of Smolenskenergo - SS "Pochinok" of Pochinkosky Distribution Zone;
- the GCC of Smolenskenergo - SS "Immaculate" - SS Dukhovschina of Dukhovschinsy Distribution Zone - SS "Saprykino" - SS "Yartsevo-1" of Yartsevsky Distribution Zone.

As a transport medium for the transmission of information with the substation data newly constructed fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) with a total length - 115.23 km are used. Capital cost of the project amounted to 46.96 million rubles including VAT.

Remote control of power facilities is carried out on the basis of complex automated systems MTK-40 of domestic production. Collection, storage and presentation of information in the system is done with the use of modern digital multifunction controllers, digital transmitters with high accuracy.

"The main way of providing information to operational staff is displaying it in the form of mimic diagrams, graphs and digital data of current measurements on monitors of workstations and dispatching panel sensor boards. The automated data collection and transmission of telemetry data from the substation to the level of the GCC and the Distribution Zones enables rapid technological information processing by personnel in real time, while also providing access to archived telemetry data in order to perform tasks of planning and forecasting. The use of modern telecommunication transmission protocols enables integrating automated systems with modern microprocessor relay protection devices, arranging the necessary data transfer to the Regional Dispatch Office and other centres of higher-level control," explained Head of Automated Supervisory System Operation Department Alexander Baryshnikov.

Modernization of data collection and transmission at substations is designed to improve the operational management of grids and, as a consequence, the reliability of power supply to customers. It also reduces transport costs, decreases time for troubleshooting, which generally contributes to improving the efficiency of the branch operation.

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