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Tverenergo’s primary trade union organization summed up the activity for 9 months of this year


The Tver branch of IDGC of Centre today has 1,757 union members, representing about 60% of the number of employees at the branch office. The trade union organization plays an important role in the power industry, creating healthy and safe working conditions, providing social benefits and guarantees, the protection of the rights of trade union members in labour and daily activities, as well as contributing to improve the level and quality of life.

395,000 rubles were allocated with the aim of rehabilitation treatment and rest of employees in the current period. Union members are also assisted in the acquisition of preferential trade union vouchers for sanatorium treatment.

More than 2.6 million rubles were spent on sports and recreational activities and cultural-mass work.

To support the development of the sports movement in the team the primary trade union organization leases for staff various sports facilities: swimming pools, football and volleyball facilities, an ice rink, and purchases sports equipment. Together with the management of the branch it traditionally organizes and conducts sports events for employees and their families: open championship in mini-football of IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division, individual-team championship in table tennis, swimming, volleyball, cross-country skiing of the branch, participation in the competitions "Ski Track of Russia", the Summer Sports Games of IDGC of Centre, organizing and conducting a hockey tournament among the branches of IDGC of Centre.

The trade union of Tverenergo holds cultural events to strengthen corporate traditions, maintain a positive working atmosphere and create a favourable communication climate in the team. Since the beginning of this year the union members and their children have visited the Tver Regional Academic Philharmonic Hall, the Tver State Circus, and the Academic Drama Theatre. Some union funds were used to organize and conduct the celebrations of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, the International Women's Day, and the Victory Day. Corporate travels to Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg were organized.

Trade union activities are carried out in close cooperation with the management of Tverenergo, HR Office, the Youth Council and the Veterans’ Council.

"The primary trade union organization is committed to unite all branch employees not only by the profession, but also social activities, leisure. When the team is involved in the life of an employee of the company, helping to solve problems, when the trade union and the management are interested in creating a good working environment and rest of the staff, every employee feels comfortable and confident both in his or her life and the entire company," underlines Chairman of the primary trade union organization of Tverenergo Sergey Aksakov.

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