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Yarenergo - 80 years old


Last week Yaroslavl marked the anniversary of one of the oldest companies in the region. Governmental representatives, former company’s executives, veterans of the energy industry and those who now provide the reliability of power supply gathered in the CDC "Millennium" to congratulate Yarenergo on the 80th anniversary.

Yarenergo traces its history to the point when in 1934 in Yaroslavl the first energy office was created. Since then the company has gone a long way, inseparable from the development of the whole country: industrialization, difficult war years and construction of five-year plans of peace, full electrification of villages, restructuring, reform of the sector and innovation. Until the early 2000s the Yaroslavl power system was presented by one company, responsible for all the regional industry. As a result of the reform a number of companies were separated that service generation, transmission/distribution and sale of electricity. In this the brand of "Yarenergo" remained with the power distribution organization - the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre.

To date, the service area of Yarenergo includes 90% of all electricity consumers in the Yaroslavl region. About 1.2 billion rubles invested each year into the development. Its repair campaign and program to improve reliability of power supply are being implemented. Time to connect new customers was reduced, energy saving technologies and remote metering are implemented. Technical staff of the company quickly eliminates failures caused by adverse weather conditions, if necessary, colleagues from other regions are involved into restoration efforts.

Whatever the company's past and present would be rich, there are always ambitious plans ahead. Among the primary tasks of Yarenergo’s Director Konstantin Kotikov there are five main ones: "Enhancing the mobilization readiness to eliminate failures, collection of overdue debts from a retail company, removal of administrative barriers for grid connection, consolidation of grid companies and involvement of non-tariff sources of funding. We have already achieved a lot, and in fact it is about the completion of work in all these areas. In many ways, good results have been made possible thanks to the close cooperation and support of the Government of the Yaroslavl region," stressed Konstantin Kotikov.

One of the guests of the event was former Yarenergo’s Director and now a senator in charge of the electric power industry in the Federation Council, Victor Rogotsky. Congratulating the native enterprise on the anniversary, he noted that it was the development of regional power that is currently the most promising.

"In our country there are more than 3 thousand local grid companies. This is a huge lot of companies working on their own, without any ideological and legal culture. I support the creation of a strong regional power industry with a single point of responsibility. To do this you need to do many things, but the foundation is still training, education and involvement of young professionals in the profession," the senator is sure.

People have always been the most valuable asset and the driving force of the Yaroslavl company. At the ceremony manufacturing and industry awards were presented. They were received by employees who dedicated many years to the energy industry, and for that time achieved great results in their work.

Many kind words were addressed to those who stood at the cradle of the power grid: "Separately I want to thank the veterans of the energy sector. It was they who laid that foundation, through which a new generation of power engineers continues to move forward, to develop technologies and construct modern facilities," said Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region Natalia Shaposhnikova.

The job of the power engineer is based on close cooperation with the authorities, colleagues from other businesses and services of the Yaroslavl region. For good teamwork Yarenergo was thanked by Chief of the regional emergency department Oleg Bocharov, Director of Utilities of the City Hall Nikolay Stepanov. A representative of the management of IDGC of Centre - Deputy General Director for Capital Construction - Igor Maximov congratulated the branch on the 80th anniversary. Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko sent her congratulatory address to the energy company.

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