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Employees of Belgorodenergo told children about energy saving


Grade 7 schoolchildren of Belgorod lyceum # 9 became participants of an unusual lesson on energy efficiency organized by specialists of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division. During the lesson the children learned how to organize their daily activities, not to harm the environment with unsustainable consumption of natural resources, to save energy as much as possible, without giving up their comforts.

The Energy Efficiency Centre of the Belgorod branch of IDGC of Centre was selected as the venue of the lesson - a place frequented by Belgorod residents to get acquainted with the fundamental rules of energy savings in the workplace and at home. A kind of laboratory of the latest advances in this area was opened after the adoption of the Federal Law "On Energy Saving" and offers comprehensive information on ways to save energy and energy-saving equipment. Here it is possible to calculate the effect of the use of certain technologies - there is a freely available calculator for energy efficiency and a special touch-panel with the basic characteristics of all exhibits.

Director of the Belgorod branch of the Russian Energy Agency of the Russian Ministry of Energy Anastasia Evteeva was a special guest of the lesson. She told the children about the challenges posed by the State in the field of energy saving and improving the efficiency of the Russian economy and housing and communal services. "Not only the purity of the environment, but also the competitiveness of our industry, as well as the budgets of all levels - from the federal to the family one - depend on careful use of natural resources. Your task is, first of all, to change your attitude to the problem of the rational use of energy, to learn to take care of the resources around us. The future is for new, intelligent technologies, and the younger generation of Russians is to be to achieve their universal application," stressed the representative of the Ministry of Energy.

The culmination of the lesson was the team quiz on knowledge of the basic rules of the efficient use of electrical appliances. For correct answers the children received energy rubles, on the number of which the winning team was eventually picked. And pieces of advice, born in lively discussion, according to the children, will be of some use at home and at school. For example, few people know that it is much better to use the so-called impact airing, briefly opening windows of the classroom wide. Or desks should not be placed close to radiators, and the radiator itself should be closed with heat-reflecting screens.

In addition to simple truths, the children got useful recommendations today as well. For example, to increase the level of energy saving facilities will be maintained with replacement of wooden windows with plastic ones, installation of switchgear with automatic adjustment of heating, and energy saving lamps and fixtures. And this energy should be metered with modern devices, which, by the way, the children themselves said about.

According to Head of energy conservation and efficiency of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division Natalia Yakshina, anyone, even a child, can make a valuable contribution to the preservation of natural resources. And the children proved it by demonstrating during quizzes excellent knowledge on energy saving. A teacher of Belgorod lyceum # 9 Galina Khaleeva noted that this form of lesson was extremely interesting and fully consistent with modern educational standards because it allowed not only to convey detailed information on the topic, but to get it on their own in the process of research. "At the Energy Efficiency Centre of Belgorodenergo it is possible in practice to see all of today's existing energy-saving technologies, to get closely acquainted with them and even touch them, to understand how they work. Now the children are well aware of why and how to save energy!" she stressed.

Monthly the centre takes up to 50 visitors. Frequent visitors are not only schoolchildren but also employees. According to the Belgorod branch of the Russian Energy Agency of the Russian Ministry of Energy, for past two and a half years 950 representatives of the public sector of the region had their training at the Energy Efficiency Centre.

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