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Operational staff of Kurskenergo is ready to work in difficult operation conditions of the autumn-winter period


Operational staff of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division in preparation for the autumn-winter period of 2014/2015 took part in joint exercises for the elimination of power supply interruptions to consumers in the Kursk region at low ambient temperatures.

The exercise involved specialists of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division, General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Kursk region, the Kursk Regional Transmission Control Centre, and public utilities of the city of Kursk.

The training was conducted for the purpose of working out the interaction of subjects of the electric power industry of the Kursk region, the regional authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the liquidation of emergency situations in the regional power grid.

According to the training scenario, the 110 kV substation (SS) "Forest" in the conditions of the repair circuit as a result of a trip of a 110 kV overhead power line had some conditional damage with fire outbreak in a 110 kV oil circuit breaker, which de-energized a number of 110 kV substations, as well as shut down of the Kursk CHP-4 with its utility station off. Electricity and heat supply to consumers of Railway and Central part of the city of Kursk was also interrupted.

Staff of the Grid Control Centre (GCC) of Kurskenergo promptly gave instructions to personnel on duty at the 110 kV Substation "Forest" to switch the damaged equipment off for repair and possible localization of the fire at the substation with primary means of extinguishing the fire before the arrival of a fire crew.

In accordance with the task of an operator of the Kursk Transmission Control Centre preparation for switching on equipment being under repair at emergency and inspection of the de-energized power grid equipment was performed. The operational staff of Kurskenergo analyzed the situation and developed a set of measures to eliminate the failure, restore normal operation of electrical networks, directing the actions of maintenance personnel.

After arriving and eliminating the "fire" at the 110 kV Substation "Forest" by fire crews of EMERCOM operational and maintenance crews of Kurskenergo immediately started first responding and restoration work on the damaged grid equipment, put into operation the equipment not affected by the conditional damage. In the shortest possible time power was supplied to the Kursk CHP-4 to switch on its generating equipment. Upon completion of all repair work the power supply circuit was completely restored.

Upon the completion of the exercises of EMERCOM of Russia in the Kursk region the outcome of actions of all the participants were analyzed. According to the leaders of the training and supervising persons, the results confirmed the readiness of the operational staff of Kurskenergo to work in difficult conditions in the autumn-winter operation period.

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