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Special vehicles of Kurskenergo are ready for winter operation


All special vehicles of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division underwent seasonal maintenance and are ready for use during the period of low temperatures.

The branch in the required quantities purchased antifreeze, non-freezing windscreen washing liquid, and winter tires. Cars are equipped with individual heaters. Garage premises are prepared in a timely manner in depots and Distribution Zones to work in the winter time of the year.

In order to ensure the skilled operation of vehicles and staff training drivers and electricians were trained at the branch on related professions.

In the current year on the site of the Kursk regional centre for training and retraining of utilities staff forty three employees of the branch were trained, including on the specialty of a driver of a truck and a crane and boom operator - 11 people, a driver of a hydraulic lift and an aerial - 19 people, and a driver of a driller - 13 people.

More than sixty people were trained in the field of "a responsible person for the good condition of lifting equipment" and "a responsible person for the safe operation using hoisting equipment."

It should be noted that the fleet of Kurskenergo’s special vehicles was significantly upgraded over the past two years. They acquired crane-boring vehicles, lifts, cranes, vans equipped as workshops for transportation of maintenance crews during preventive and first responding and restoration operations on power lines.

They purchased three mulchers for mechanized clearing of ROWs along power lines from seedlings and 37 trailers to transport power line poles and equipment to Distribution Zones.

Properly working vehicles allowed Kursk power engineers to prepare power grid facilities of the company for the winter operation in a timely manner.

"All the planned activities to prepare the fleet for the winter were completed on time and qualitatively," underlined the head of logistics and procurement of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division Oleg Skrynnikov. "Good conditions of vehicles, trained personnel are essential for reliable operation of the electric grid complex and are a key to the successful operation through the autumn-winter period."

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