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Bryanskenergo summed up the work in the field of occupational health and safety


The prevention and reduction of occupational accidents, occupational safety, health and lives of personnel are a priority for IDGC of Centre. For 6 months of the year IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division spent 7.68 million rubles to perform labour protection measures in the branch. Total in 2014 around 23.34 million rubles are allocated for this purpose.

In 1H 2014 0.230 million rubles were spent on measures to prevent accidents, 5.42 million rubles were spent on the purchase of personal protective equipment, 1.7 million rubles for the hygienic measures to prevent diseases in the workplace, and 0.34 million rubles were spent on measures to improve the working conditions of staff.

The Adjusted Program to reduce injury risk acts in Bryanskenergo, approved by the Board of Directors of IDGC of Centre and put into force by an order of the branch. The Program is aimed at improving the OSH management system and the organization of work on the prevention of accidents. Within organization of the safe performance of work the program document pays a lot of attention to the use of modern tools and electrical safety devices, improving operational discipline of staff to ensure safe working conditions in transport, industrial training of staff and inspections of workplaces.

In order to prevent occupational injuries, improve the culture of production, rapid identification and elimination of deficiencies in the protection of labour in all structural units of the Bryansk on the second Wednesday of each month, the Safety Days are conducted. Within a week after the Safety Day a draft order is prepared to develop measures aimed at addressing the identified deficiencies, indicating the duration of their execution.

Performing a program to prevent electrical injuries to third parties, Bryansk power engineers systematically conduct master classes and activities on electrical safety for pupils of secondary schools, high schools, specialized children's institutions, town camps with the distribution of specific materials on the rules of behaviour in the vicinity of power facilities. So, for the first half of the year 357 such events were held.

"In fact, stable power supply is not possible without a high level of organization of safety. The power engineering profession is associated with a permanent risk to life. Specificity of work in the energy sector requires maximum attention and care, even for professionals. Therefore, one of the most important areas of the activity in Bryanskenergo is occupational health and safety," stressed Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division director Roman Stefanov.

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