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Power engineers of Kostromaenergo heartily congratulated a veteran on the 90th anniversary


September 16 a veteran of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division Peter I. Kotlyar was 90 years old. Kostromaenergo Director Alexander Glebov, Head of Human Resources Nadezhda Muravyeva and veterans of Kostromaenergo came to congratulate the oldest and honoured worker on behalf of the Kostroma power engineers. A greeting card with congratulations on the anniversary was sent by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The fate of Peter I. is like the same life of thousands simple, honest and surprisingly humble people, who went through hardships of the Great Patriotic War. In July 1941, a young man of sixteen was take by Nazis to Germany to a concentration camp near Brandenburg. There were three years of inhumane living conditions and hunger. "All these years there was no minute when I did not want to eat," says Peter I. "Every day after twelve hours of exhausting work we returned to the cold barracks, divided into sections, in each of which there were 16 people. Exhausted, sick people died, and new ones were brought against their will to the places. It was a terrible time ... God forbid to do it again!"

The war ended. A long-awaited peace life began. Peter Kotlyar graduated from the electrical engineering department of a college, then Kostroma Technological Institute. Peter I. began to work at Kostromaenergo from its foundation in 1961, and dedicated 30 years of his life to the company. He went from being an engineer to the head of the capital construction department. "The most memorable event in my work at Kostromaenergo was the construction of the Kostroma GRES from the first brick to the construction of such an important enterprise of the Kostroma region," remembers the hero of the day. "Extensive work was done." For his contribution to strengthening the energy sector of the Kostroma region Peter I. Kotlyar was awarded the title "Excellence in Energy and Electrification of the USSR", and "Honoured Power Engineer".

On the anniversary day the Kostroma power engineers recalled vivid and interesting aspects of the work and just companionship. Kind and sincere words were said. In his congratulatory message, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division director Alexander Glebov said: "People like Peter Kotlyar - this is our history, our pride, an example of courage and devotion to the homeland, his favorite business - the energy sector. Thank you, Peter I., for your human feat, for your work! Good health!"

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