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The Certificate of readiness for the winter operation was handed to IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division


IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division is among the first to get its certificate of readiness for the autumn-winter operation period of 2014-2015.

Head of the production control and reliability department of IDGC of Centre Ilya Pestov handed the certificate to Director of Bryanskenergo Roman Stefanov. Chief of dispatching service of a branch of JSC "SO UES" Smolensk Transmission Control Centre Vladimir Prytkov, State inspector of inter-regional department for supervision of power plants and power grid of Prioksky Office of RTN Alexander Nizovtsev and others participated in the ceremony.

Earlier certificates of readiness were awarded to all Distribution Zones of Bryanskenergo and also to services of substations, power lines, electrical equipment diagnostics, relay protection and automation, the Grid Control Centre and other structural units responsible for reliable power supply in the region during winter loads.

All facilities have been prepared for the winter, which the successful operation through the winter peak depend on. At the moment all the organizational and technical measures aimed at improving the reliability of the electric grid complex of Bryanskenergo for the winter have been completed and the certificate of readiness confirms commitment of the branch for uninterrupted supply of electricity to the region during the period of low temperatures.

In preparation for obtaining the certificate of availability all the units of production services were checked and all the planned activities were fully implemented. All the units of the branch are equipped with gear, materials and spare parts, vehicles and special machinery.

To conduct emergency and restoration operations in the branch 4 crews of increased mobility were organized. These crews are ready to perform work not only in the Bryansk region, but also beyond its borders. In addition to the increased mobility crews to perform emergency and restoration operations in the branch offices and each administrative district there are 111 first responding and repair crews of 709 people.

In the preparation to operate at low temperatures the overhaul of electrical networks in the amount of 129.4 million rubles was planned. To date, the repair program has been executed in monetary terms by 86 percent, with the complex repair of 35-110 kV substation carried out by 86 percent, clearing of 0.4-110 kV conductors by 94 percent, and repair of oil 35-110 kV switches by 100 percent and etc.

Clearing and widening of ROWs of power lines is a guarantee of reliability of power supply, so in 2014 the branch of Bryanskenergo scheduled to perform work on the extension of ROWs of 6-110 kV overhead lines in the amount of 447 hectares (planned cost - 64 million RUB). As of September 16, this work has been performed in the area of 207.8 hectares (100.3% of the schedule). Clearing the ROWs is planned for the area of 853 hectares (cost - 20 million RUB), the performance at the time of receipt of the certificate of availability was at 100.9% of the schedule, 93% of the annual plan.

"The branch has fulfilled all the planned activities in the shortest possible time. However, the winter will give us the real assessment, and all the hardest work, of course, is yet to come," stressed Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division director Roman Stefanov.

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