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Yarenergo participated in a round table discussion on development of the electric vehicles market in Russia


As part of the Moscow International Motor Show there was a round table discussion on development of the electric vehicles market in Russia. To date, the country's most active work in this direction is performed by the company "Russian Grids". At the same time one of the "pilot" sites for the introduction of non-contact electric vehicles is the Yaroslavl region and IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division.

At the roundtable First Deputy General Director of JSC "Russian Grids" on technical issues Roman Berdnikov told about participation of the Electric Grid Company in the All-Russian development program of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It is designed up to 2020 and involves the creation of a network of charging stations in most regions of the country. The main feature is the maximum availability of charging points for ordinary users of electric vehicles.

After the capital the first region, which will have accessible infrastructure for electric vehicles, will be the Yaroslavl region. The corresponding agreement between JSC "Russian Grids" and the Regional Government was signed in mid-summer. Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region Natalia Shaposhnikova told the round table participants about it. According to her, the purpose of the agreement is to improve public transport services, the ecological situation, as well as the implementation of innovative technologies in the field of passenger transportation.

A prototype of public non-contact electric vehicles will be tested in Yaroslavl. OJSC "Yargorelectrotrans" will provide one electric bus produced in the city of Engels. Now there is a procedure for the approval of the route in the historic part of the city, in the area of UNESCO. According to the management of the city, it is especially important from the point of view of environmental safety in the area of the World Heritage.

On the route of the future electric bus "Yarenergo" preliminarily installed two charging stations - at the ring of the Tire Plant and in the street of Ukhtomskogo. There the electric bus will be recharged at lunchtime. At night, it will be in the park for public transport. Until the year end, Yaroslavl power engineers plan to buy some electric vehicles for own needs of the branch. For them in the city three charging stations will be installed. Along with this all the points will be available to charge for anyone with an electric vehicle.

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