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High quality customer service is a priority of Kurskenergo


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division summed up the work with customers for seven months of the current year.

During that period 21,699 residents of the Kursk region requested various services related to power supply from the branch.

More than 5,900 customers applied for grid connection to the company’s networks. The number of applications for removal, installation, replacement of meters, and installation of measuring and protection devices was 2,337.

1,979 requests were made for verification and sealing of metering devices. In addition, experts of the branch provided 5,246 pieces of advice to customers on the choice of types of electricity meters and optimum operation mode.

919 calls were related to the implementation of projects of external power supply, 585 - to conduct tests of electric protection devices. 158 applications were filed for removal of power grids and repair of electrical installations of customers.

As the analysis showed, the service of operational and technical management and maintenance of electric systems is perspective for development. Since the beginning of the year Kurskenergo has received 110 applications for street lighting networks maintenance from heads of municipalities of the Kursk region.

Taking into account suggestions and wishes of the applicants, Kurskenergo constantly improves its customer service system. For example, for the convenience of residents of the region the preparation time of the grid connection contract was cut two times and is now 13 calendar days.

The work of Customer Service Centres and departments of customer interaction in Distribution Zones of the branch is built on the principle of a "single window" where every customer, who applied, can solve the whole range of issues of interest to him at one place.

Improving the customer service system, the company is introducing value-added services to its customers. Currently there are nine of them.

Consumers, who contracted with Kurskenergo, are assured that all work will be carried out by specialists of the branch with quality and in time. This is evidenced by the amount of positive feedback received by Kurskenergo for the seven months in 2014 - 4,416.

Customers can receive information on the services provided by Kurskenergo by contacting the Customer Service Centres, Distribution Zones, via the "Hot line" of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115 and on the website of IDGC of Centre at

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