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Orelenergo warns: breach of exclusion zones of power lines is danger to life!


Orel power engineers of IDGC of Centre warn: breach of exclusion zones of power lines is dangerous to life and health, construction or any other work on this site is strictly prohibited without the consent of the power company.

Delineation of exclusion zones of power lines is performed by power engineers to ensure reliable energy supply and safe operation of power grid facilities, as well as to prevent injury to people with electrocution. For this reason, according to the law for high-voltage overhead power lines (Conductors) of 10 kV the exclusion zone is 10 m, for 35 kV overhead lines - 15 m, and for 110 kV - 20 meters on both sides of the extreme overhead wires of Conductors.

In addition, in exclusion zones of power lines it is forbidden to perform work that may interfere with the operation of electric grid facilities, cause damage or destruction, result in injury, health and property damage. In particular, without the written permission of the grid organization it is prohibited to construct, repair, reconstruct, demolish any buildings and structures, planting and felling of trees.

Watering crops is also banned, if the height of the water jet can reach over 3 meters, including agricultural work in the field on plowing with the use of agricultural machinery and equipment more than 4 meters in height. In exclusion zones of power lines it is prohibited to place dumps of snow, debris and soil, make a fire, store any storage, including fuels and lubricants, construct bus stops, children's and sports grounds, stadiums and garages to carry out any activities associated with large crowds and so on.

Protection of electrical grids becomes more important in the period of a lot of large vehicles coming to fields for fodder and harvesting. Production of work by machines under power lines in violation of the rules of the establishment of exclusion zones may cause damage to overhead and cable lines, electric shock, injury to persons. Perpetrators of this are subject to administrative and criminal penalties. In order to avoid accidents to persons engaged in agricultural work in exclusion zones of power lines, organizers should be trained in methods of release of victims with electric shock and first aid, working to set up briefings on safety at work, which is not always the case.

IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division reminds: electrical grids are sources of high risk, breach of exclusion zones is a mortal danger to life.

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