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Paying tribute to veterans of the Kostroma power grid


On the eve of the Great Victory staff and veterans of Kostromaenergo with a theatre’s actors toured Central, Galichsky, Neysky and Sharyinsky districts. They had about 800 km of roads in the Kostroma region and meeting with those who made the Great Victory. A musical and literary composition of the product of Vladimir Vysotsky, kind words of the management, congratulations of the chairman of the veterans’ organization found ready response in the hearts of veterans and colleagues.

A specially created for this event movie "Energy of Victory" gave special colour and energy orientation of the holiday. The film was based on a meeting of power engineers-veterans of the Great Patriotic War with representatives of the Youth Council of the enterprise. It was held in April this year in the museum of the Kostroma power grid. Current veterans, and then back in 1941 young boys told modern young power engineers of the start of the war, about the hard life in the rear, of letters from the front to the family and friends, and a happy meeting of the Victory Day.

The film allowed the power engineers from different Distribution Zones of Kostromaenergo to touch to their great past. "We initiated this action to stretch the thread of grateful memory through all the Distribution Zones of our large region to personally congratulate those who forged our Victory. Every year fewer and fewer of them remain, and it is important to make the young power engineers remember, appreciate and be proud of their veterans," says Head of Human Resources of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division Nadezhda Muravyeva. War songs, gifts, flowers and warm pre-holiday mood the veterans of Galich, Ney and Sharya, Kostroma took out the auditorium of the distribution Zones.

A similar ceremony was held in the building of the executive office of Kostromaenergo on May 8. Communicating with WWII veterans goes on continuously throughout the year: holiday greetings at home, creating Annals of the labour glory of Kostromaenergo, a flower-laying ceremony at the Eternal Flame on May 9, and much more. The words "No one has forgotten and nothing is forgotten" find their real confirmation with Kostroma power engineers.

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